The Grind

Writing my first chapbook is really interesting. Especially since I’m coming into the publishing realm with a lot of ignorance.

  • How many poems needs to be in the book?
  • What to call the book?
  • How do I get this published doing the D-I-Y method?

It is going on two years since I have been writing, performing, and slamming with the best that Las Vegas has to offer.  And in this time, I have been asked by a few poets to actually put my proses into a book.

But when I am being told that in my first chapbook I really need be selective, this puts me in a bind.

It is hard to choose which ones I can consider my best work. Especially since the selection process is like trying to track an album and deciding which directions you want to take your audience in.

My original intention was to put out a collection of sixteen poems this fall. However, this project will more look like a collection of eight poems in total. Five of them are edited as of the time of writing this blog. Depending on how well this goes, I might try to put out a “b-pages” collection in the spring.

I can’t give away too much, but I plan to release more details as they become available.

– Ramsey the Voice

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