Making Myself Legit

As I’ve spent the Southern Nevada winter pretty dormant, now seems like a good time to give an update as things have been sturring as of late.

  • I finally have registered and now linked to my blog!
  • I recently purchased a condenser microphone for my computer and have been creating some audio versions of some slam favorites that I have performed.
  • Related to that, I am working on a Bandcamp site and will release an audio version of Sojourn: A Discovery of Love in the near future.
  • This month is mostly a writing month in the camp as I have two projects in the hopper. One is an anthology of poems regarding my convictions and what has made me, well… me. The other is an experimental EP that I plan on working with a local artist, writing buddy, and my good friend, Mars Luna. More details in the coming future.
  • If all goes well, I plan on having a feature in June.


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